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Eureka Innovation Week Event

From 26 to 29 of April, we had the pleasure to be part of the Eureka Innovation Week event in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish EUREKA Chairmanship and the EUREKA Secretariat.

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During these 4 days we could assist to several conferences where were explained how Eureka has been evolving, the cities requirements, successful experiences and the keys applying for calls organized by the Eureka clusters.

The Business to Business meeting was so productive and Sinapse could establish contact with a few interesting companies for future innovation projects.

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 The last day, the future proposals for Celtis Plus  had the opportunity to be part of pitches section, where we could introduce the IoT enabler, a new solution that makes easy the transformation of standard devices into IoT ones, being part of Smart Cities ecosystem.

Purificación Amaya

It was a great event where met up more than 900 participants from 33 countries.